Monday, May 28, 2007

YouTube Challenge for SD Cartoonists

Create a cartoon video for YouTube.

This is a sample one I created in a hurry, just for fun to discuss ways of promoting Cartoonist Day. (I planned on deleting it -- because it was just a sample or an idea of how to promote Cartoonists Day -- then found one person actually subscribed to my channel!?!) Will leave it up for now, but replace it eventually with better videos.

I think SD Cartoonists could really create some cool videos for Cartoonist Day 2008 and get a YouTube buzz going.

Here's one approach I made. If you are using Windows, there is free software that is on your computer called Windows Movie Maker. You can add sound, speed up video, etc. To make live screen recordings, you can download something called Windows Media Encoder. I've used this to make tutorials for my students. Viola, YOU, too, can have a YouTube presence. For you Mac Users, you'll need to share what you do. I've seen beautiful Mac presentations and I'm envious.

Maybe one of our gatherings, we can talk and train how to do YouTube films -- and I'm happy to host that. Meanwhile, SD Cartoonists --- think mini movies!!!!!

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