Friday, May 18, 2007

Article -- Cartoonists Interview, etc.

I thought this was an interesting interview.

Something kind of hit me when reading Dan Piraro's response re: cartoonists carrying notebooks along with them -- that he writes and comes up with his ideas the first hour of the morning.

His comments remind me of a book that I absolutely love, yet never obey -- The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. (I don't own it yet, but have paid many a fine at the library the couple times I've checked it out.) There's an exercise she recommends that all swear by called the Morning Pages. First thing when you wake up -- spend 15 minutes writing what ever comes to the surface of your mind. Journal each day for 15 minutes -- don't pause to censor yourself -- just let it all out. (I started the process, but found that finding 15 minutes of uninterupted time, plus needing that first cup of caffeine to get the day started took priority. May start this exercise again.)

I kind of remember Dave Carpenter talking about his gag writing process also and thought it was early in the a.m. one day, spending an hour just writing ......

Hmmmmm .... this could be insight to an approach to creativity. So, cartoonists -- how do you get inspired and when do you write or come up with your ideas?

Do you carry about a notebook? What works for you? What time of day do you write?

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