Wednesday, May 23, 2007

New Pens!

Not sure what the medium of choice is for all of you, but I'm really liking the brush pen and went out and purchased this set at Hobby Lobby. (Only one set left there, BTW.) I'm not a Manga type cartoonist ... but I am liking the various grays (warm and cool) ... and it's nice for caricature work, like under the eyes or less severe or harsh line details. Twenty bucks .... hours of fun!


Cindermain said...

How well do these work on bristol board? Are they as dark as india ink...or close?

How's the bleed?

Jackilope said...

I think they would work great on bristol board, I've been using them on plain drawing paper and typing paper.

The one thing I'm a little disappointed on, though, is that I must have worked one pen more than the others -- after about 16 caricatures, the bold black pen got a "tail"? on it. I think I could probably trim it, and I've got a duplicate I purchased around May 5th ... but I really like the different levels of gray.

I'll bring the set for our gathering May 31st when we tear down and you can look at them.