Sunday, May 6, 2007

Cartoonist Day Crew

Here's our group of Sioux Falls Cartoonists!
From left to right:
Adam, Leah, Lamont, (in back John, Brian, Ken, Chad, Jay) in front -- (help! I need the names of the Minnesota gals!) and Jackie.

Unfortunately, we didn't get the picture taken before Jason and Scott had left. I've thought it before and the gathering only continues to cement my opinion ... cartoonists are about the neatest, most interesting people ever! :-) We want to get more cartoonists involved like Sarah Morean and Sarah Carlson as well!

There will be more gatherings! Look ahead for sketch book parties, a possible tear down gathering and a celebration of the cartoon exhibit that is going up at the Horse Barn in August.

More pictures in days ahead.

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