Friday, May 11, 2007

May 14th -- Scott McCloud -- WHS

Hey Cartoonists and Comics Fans ... FREE and cartoon event at Washington High School. Author Scott McCloud speaking ... student comics, etc.! Worth checking out!!!! Here's the article in the Argus. To make this a neat event, there is a student comics contest, pizza, ComiCon, with McCloud speaking in the Little Theater that evening.

Scott McCloud's web site is located here.

May is the month for Cartoonists!!!


Jackilope said...

Hey all --
Even though it is a terribly busy time at school, we attended the talk by Scott McCloud. It was extremely well attended -- the Little Theater at WHS was packed with folks from all ages -- and I can see why. McCloud really addressed cartooning and different aspects in a very academic, yet fun and high tech way. I saw a couple of my students there too and they were eating it up.

We picked up one of his books and highly recommend his newest book, "Making Comics". Interesting read. Two thumbs up -- and if you ever get the opportunity to hear him, do.

Cindermain said...



I so wanted to see it...I'm not one of his biggest fans, but McCloud does make some good points.

Nertz. :(

Jackilope said...

Sorry you missed it! His talk was really entertaining -- very visual with the multimedia.

I really didn't hear of McCloud until our school librarian approached me about it ... so we were pretty impressed with the whole deal. He certainly was well known and generated a crowd. One gal from MN drove 2.5 hours to and from to meet him and hear him talk.

Bet there will be a next time!