Thursday, May 31, 2007

A Fair(y) Use Tale

Copyright law can be a hard thing for most cartoonists to get a handle on, especially the practice of ‘Fair Use’. The labyrinthine legal ins and outs can make even the most level-headed person go loopy, bashing their heads around with a mallet like a love-struck wolf in a Tex Avery cartoon. Not that I have…lately.

But FRET NOT! For here is a handy, entertaining, and non-fattening (albeit choppy) guide to copyright and fair use as presented by a multitude of ‘fairly-used’ Walt Disney characters! Watch it before “Big Brother Mouse” clamps a lid on it!

A Fair(y) Use Tale


Jackilope said...

This is GREAT!!!! Thanks for sharing!

Looking forward to more of your posts, too! :-)

John Daiker said...


Say, how does one insert the video into the blog? Do you need a YouTube account?

Jackilope said...

Hey John,
No - you don't need a YouTube account. There's a spot on the page where the video is and you'll find code for "embed video". Copy. Then when you post here, use the HTML tab and paste the code in. :-)

Some people don't allow embedding, but most do.