Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Spotlight this week - Ken Alvine

The spotlight information today is from content Ken shared in an interview with the Tooner.

Tooner: Ken, tell us the story of your life.
I grew up in Sioux Falls, South Dakota...Graduated from the Colorado Institute of Art in Denver and the University of Washington in Seattle. In addition I took graduate course in film and television from the University of South Dakota.

After school Uncle Sam encouraged me to serve 6 years in the Air National Guard. During this time I met Judy an R.N. from Seattle married in 1966. We have two daughters, two grandaughters and one grandson.

Tooner: Like many of us, your background was in advertising. Did you own your own agency? What kind of projects did you do?
After graduating from College and Art School I worked in many areas of advertising. My first job was a graphic designer for a printing compnay..then on to Boeing where I worked as graphic designer on the Boeing 747 project. Here I designed brochures and slide shows for the 747 communication and sales dept. Returned to the midwest where I ran the Advertising Dept. for a retail chain, managed an in house Advertising Agency for a large Ag. company and created the graphic design program and taught graphic Design at the post high level for the Southeast Area technical school.

During this time I served as President of the South Dakota Advertisiing Federation and created and helped in the development of our family Amusement Park and Water Park.. "Wild Water West" and "Adventure Park. "

In the 1979 I started my own Advertising Agency..The company worked with a variety of clients large and small. We created a lot of corporate campaigns, print material as well as televsion commercials and sales videos. Duuring this time I also started my Publishing company where I produce Calendars and Almanacs for drug stores nationally.
The publishing company also does chlidren education coloring books and calendars etc. I down sized the agency after ten years and decided to spend most of my energies in my comic production business.

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