Saturday, June 23, 2007

Ken Alvine Spotlight - Part II

This is Ken's interview for NSC Tooner:

"I always had a interest in Cartooning since I was a child. Like many of us I drew the cartoons for the school paper and was always creating my own cartoon characters. While working for the Boeing com pany I shared a studio with Al Wiseman who did the "Dennis the Menace" comic books for like 15 years and George Costa a former Art Director for Disney. This experience really got me interested in cartooning as a career. In addition, I started free lancing doing cartoons for car dealerships etc. around the Seattle area. "

"When I moved back to the midwest I continued freelancing and doing cartoons when ever I could. I did many cartoons for our agency clients. About 1975 I started my comic production company .. The company works in all areas of cartooning...Commercial, book illustration, coloring books, TV and what ever else comes along.I have used a lot of cartoonists friends like Dave Carpenter and Paul Fell to help me with some of these cartoon clients. In 1989 I was honored to be a guest speaker at the Stanley Awards in Sydney Australia."

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