Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Future of Where You'll Get Your News --- Attn. Editorial Cartoonists!

Remember the good ol' days when Walter Cronkite was considered the most trustworthy source of news?

I came across this article in another blog. It doesn't surprise me at all, as I'm watching less and less and reading more online. More and more, however, I think about my research and writing instructor, Gary Steinley, and his mantra "Be critical consumers of your literature." Just because items are in print, or in other forms of media -- check the validity and reliability of your source!

How does this affect editorial cartoonists though? Already, I see that even in blogoshere that in order for bloggers to earn an income, they've got to rely on ads -- (and no doubt, some are sponsored by corporations or campaigns as well.) How does pay come to be for an online editorial cartoonist?

Just tossing something out here to see if it generates some discussion or further thought.

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