Monday, June 25, 2007

End of For Better or For Worse Poll

Here's the final results. Unfortunately, due to a different storyline now with April and Shannon, we're forced to wait to know if Anthony made his move ... or if the Best Man made his ... or if Warren has completely flown from the plot.

** Jackie's opinion alert/interjection: I'm not an Anthony fan, and not alone. I'd rather that Liz discover the hunky fireman that delivered Mike and Dee's photo album or meet someone completely new -- or lived life single for awhile, as there is more to life than landing a partner and having kids. It does look like Lynn Johnston has planned this pairing of Liz and Anthony for awhile, but I still hold out some small ray of hope that she swerves from that storyline and gives the readers a whole different story ending than what appears to be the inevitable.

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