Monday, June 25, 2007

Ken Alvine Spotlight - Part III

This is an excerpt from an interview in the North Central Chapter newsletter that Ken provided for this spotlight:

Tooner: You won the prestigious Silver T-Square in our meeting in Sioux Falls. (what year?) Tell us what the award is for?
"I was honored with the ""Tim Rosenthal Award" by our Chapter and the NCS. (not the Silver T-Square Award). This award is given to a cartoonist for volunteerism and promotion of cartoons and cartooning throughout industry and community. I can't tell you how very honored I was to receive this award from the chapter members along with Mort Walker & Greg Evans at the chapter meeting in Sioux Falls. "

Tooner: Who are the artists/cartoonists (or other people) who have been your inspirations in your life and work?
"When I was in Art School I really had three favorite cartoons. I felt these cartoonists influenced me to pursue cartooning. The three cartoonists were ..Johnny Hart "B.C.", Tom Ryan "Tumbleweed" and Mel Lazarus "Miss Peach" and "Momma". Today I have gotten to know all three of these Cartoonists!! "

Tooner: What benefits have you gained by being actively involved with the North Central chapter?

"Meeting and getting to know some of the finest people and best cartoonists in the country!!"

Tooner: There are rumors you are retiring. You're too young to retire, aren't you?
"Yes and No..I would like to change some of my daily reponsibilitiess. (I turn 64 this year) I plan on giving up corporate management responsibilites in my Publishing company and no longer produce many of the Education project I do every year such as coloring books. However, I will not turn down a book. I still plan on teaching some Cartoon classes. I did not renew my contract with the State of SD to teach cartooning. I am still working with some clients on internal projects. I will always try to keep be busy...Hopefully, just not as busy. "

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