Saturday, July 26, 2008

Regional Blogger Picnic

Today was a really neat event ... a regional blogger picnic ("Blognic", as Todd calls it) at Lake Herman and hosted by Todd Epp (SDWatch) and Corey Heidelberger (Madville Times) It was inspiring, informative, and incredibly fun. Bob Schwartz (Politics and Hypocrisy) and his family, and Rebecca Terk (Flying Tomato Farms) were there. Scott Ehrisman (SouthDaCola) and myself represented the cartooning blogging community.

Todd presented a discussion regarding Twitter -- it's possibilities and Corey led a discussion in community journalism ... and it certainly leads to open ended exploration and more discussion on how to make this blogging thing be more participatory and interactive.

It was a great afternoon and I learned much and really had fun getting to know some really neat people in our South Dakota blogosphere.

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