Tuesday, July 29, 2008

LuAnn is coming to South Dakota!

No, no, no, not this Luann .... (by Greg Evans)

THIS LuAnn! (by Frank Bolle and Lisa Trusiani)

(I have to laugh at the look of concern that comes over Tommie's face as South Dakota is mentioned! Perhaps she thinks the Badlands are really BAD!)
In South Dakota, we don't get the comic strip Apartment 3G in the Argus Leader, nor the Daily Republic, etc. I happened to know about it thanks to the snarky commentary over at "The Comics Curmudgeon" blog. The strip is about the goings on with three roomates and it's a soap opera type storyline like Rex Morgan and Mary Worth.

One can't help but get a kick out of ol' Margo McGee and her selfish antics. Redheaded Tommie resides at A3G, her bland life is picking up with a little romance once in awhile. Blonde and naive roomate LuAnn is a painter who is realizing some success and who has a druggie boyfriend, Alan. (LuAnn doesn't realize he's a druggie, BTW.) She also has hick-type relatives. so I laughed out loud when the storyline now places LuAnn as FROM SOUTH DAKOTA. It appears LuAnn comes from a ranch, which does place her West River. I'll be eyeing the research that the writer/cartoonists do about the adventures.

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