Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Admiration for Al (Mostly OT)

Y'know, I'm really trying to figure out how to make this on topic for this very serious cartoonist blog. Lessee, Ken has often said good cartooning is mostly WRITING. And Weird AL writes seriously funny lyrics! (and lots of his videos have cartoons in them, and he did run a Sat. a.m. kiddie show for awhile...) ** OH! He also is friends and has collaborated with award winning Sandra Boynton.

I'm just giddy because Mr. Yankovic be within driving distance. He'll be in Sioux City, IA on July 29th. This'll be 4th show for the hubby, 5th for me. We got to meet Al last year at the Corn Palace. If you like to laugh and be entertained, you won't be disappointed. Tickets go on sale this Sat., unless you are a "Close and Personal Pal of Al", in which case advanced tickets go on sale today -- after I buy mine. ;-)

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