Saturday, September 13, 2008

Willie Nelson, Comic Books, and Protecting Your Vote

I will admittedly share that I am really huge on the right to vote and I take my own kids to events and to the polls when I vote. It's a sacred right, no matter the party.

It sends chills down my spine when I read or hear about caging of votes ... and I'm delighted there's a movement to prevent it and a COMIC BOOK to inform. It tickles me that Willie Nelson appears in this too. (My folks were Willie fans, and we had a Willie Nelson/Barry Manilow -- which is better rivalry going on... but that's another story.)

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tim benson said...

I'm a Willie Nelson fan. I gave a drawing I did of him and his then wife in 1985 to his security people during a concert in Bozeman, Mt. that same year. It was similar to Grant Wood's "American Gothic." He is drawn holding a cup that says Farm Aid and in the background is a foreclosure sign. Willie apparently liked the cartoon. I was asked to go on stage with him. He told the crowd that he played concerts in small towns like Bozeman, (20,000 pop. at that time), because of people, like me, who cared about the plight of American farming families. Willie put his right hand on my right shoulder. I couldn't see the crowd because of the spotlight shining in my eyes. I do remember the roar of the crowd. It was my second biggest concert moment, only behind Gene Simmons spitting faux blood on me during a Kiss concert in Des Moines Jan. 1977 at Veterans' Auditorium.