Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Midterms -- Cartoon from the Past

Way back in my college days, the musical "Cats" came out. The song "Memory" was sung by my favorite crooner -- whose music was still on the current airwaves at that time.

Music videos were coming about, and I figured a Music Comic Strip in parody form was in order to cut the stress. (I submitted comic strips to my college newspaper at the time.)

Sitting opposite side of the desk, I find midterm and end of term still stressful and time consuming! Thus my light posting during the back to school and build up of reports.

... and I apologize half heartedly to any Ronald Reagan fans, but with the market fallout, etc., it just seems this panel fits today.

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Anonymous said...

Nice deft touch of Ronald Reagan in the reflection of the eyes of Manilow.