Saturday, August 2, 2008

1984 Timecapsule and Reflection in Humility

Many moons ago, my Dad's old college sketchbooks were discovered. While looking at his old sketches from a drawing class or something, in my unwise and youthful arrogance, I snickered and gave him a bit of a bad time. It's something I've regretted for a long time, though I think Dad has forgiven me and shrugged off the incident. (Razzing did happen both ways though, the infamous Barry Manilow Bas Relief coil pot from high school comes to mind. Even fellow classmate and friend exclaimed the glaze colors looked like snot!)

Following my graduation, my canvas paintings, drawings, and cartoon panels were carefully wrapped up by Dad and stored in the garage and presented to me when I moved into my own house. There, this timecapsule remained in my garage and made yet another move. Flashforward to this summer when I wanted to clear out some things in my garage and noticed the "wrapped timecapsule". I offered the painting stretchers to fellow cartoonist and mixed media artist Scott. He was there as I opened up and rediscovered the art of my youth ... and I must say, was pretty polite and poker faced throughout the whole unveiling ... until the Barry Manilow Coat Poster came out. (I know he really wants that poster.) ;-)

I offer this post as an open apology to my Dad and a promise to keep some past artwork around for the future generation to poke fun at me later on. Just not all of it.

I'll try to capture this poster in all it's glory sans flash sometime.

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