Friday, January 25, 2008

WHS ComicCon - Jan. 29th

Here's the agenda:

3:30 Princess Monoke in WHS Little Theater

5:30 eat pizza in library. $2.00 2 pieces pizza and pop ** last year when we attended to see Scott McCloud, we found that pizza was preordered by numbers ahead of time, so I'd skip that part if you aren't a WHS-er. My advice is go out to eat and get there early for the 7:00 presentation.

6:15 comic book share and display

7:00 Presentation about creating manga by Svetlana Chmakova -- author of Drmacon, a 3 volume manga series. Svetlana is one of a few successful manga-kas. Vol 1 received a MangaCast Yomi award for Best Global Manga of 2006 and was named as one of Best Comics of 2005 by Publishers Weekly. She isn't even 30 yet.

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