Sunday, January 20, 2008

Planning Ahead - Cartoon Art Show

In honor of National Cartoonists Day/Week, there will be a cartoonist exhibit at Black Sheep Coffee. The exhibit would run from Sunday April 27th to Sunday May 11th.
1. Any cartoon work you've created this past year and have not exhibited from the Dunn Bros. show last year.
2. Work must be framed. (If you don't have your work framed, Scott has figured out a great way to get frames very reasonable! Saturdays at St. Vincent De Paul -- half price frames!)
3. You must be able to hang your work up in person or have another particpant agree to hanging up your work. You will be responsible for picking up your work by (time) on (Sun. or Monday? May 11th or 12th?)
Please RSVP your intent on participating before or by March 1st.

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