Saturday, October 6, 2007

Goodbye Lisa

Personally, I have mixed emotions about Funky Winkerbean. I used to love it, especially with all the education humor, then it got just downright, wrist-splitting depressing.

This last arc really hit me though, it reminded me of the untimely deaths of two friends of mine. Both diagnosed with breast cancer in their thirties. I guess Lisa's death happening in October with breast cancer awareness is right and appropriate. With that in mind, ladies, get those annual mammos and look at research -- some saying limiting your red meat and alcohol intake.
It's interesting in FW that Les and the strip has now aged four years. Let's hope Wally is back safe and sound from his service in Afghanistan.


timbenson said...

Although I feel bad for Lisa, I feel manic depressive for her husband, Les. The guy couldn't buy a date when he was in high school.(He was the high school hallway monitor equipped with the machine gun in the pre-P.C. days, circa 1979.) Les finally meets a nice girl and is lucky enough to marry her. Then, she passes away. His buddy, Funky, was recently divorced from his wife, the T.V. anchorwoman. This strip puts me into a funk. Bull, the high school football coach, will probably be jailed, next, for providing his players with steroids. Geez, can't Tom Batiuk lighten up? Leave the drama for Rex Morgan, M.D. or Mark Trail.

timbenson said...

I recently read in the Star Tribune that the recent diologue concerning Lisa's death from cancer is based on Mr. Batiuk's own affliction with the disease. My Grandpa and Grandma Benson and my great aunt all died from the disease. My Grandma was on Chemo for 15 years. I regret my earlier smart-aleck comments. They were based on ignorance.

Jackilope said...

Please don't be tough on yourself or the comments. It sure has had it's share of depressing moments. I do think Batiuk did do Lisa and the storyline justice though.

We just lost my Father-in-law to cancer. He had battled it two years. We didn't expect to lose him so soon, his scores were looking better this summer and he had about a month off chemo and then wham. It's a horrible disease. I'm so sorry for your family and loss with that disease as well.

Here's some hopeful news:

Let's hope this holds much promise!