Sunday, September 23, 2007

NSC Wagons...SOUTH?!

The next National Cartoonist Society meeting is scheduled for November!

I smell a ROAD TRIP!

So...who wants to go?
I definitely plan on attending, and it would be fun to have a delegation from Sioux Falls attend.
We discussed it one or twice during the Editorial Show, is anyone else interested in going?


timbenson said...

What day in November? Where will the meeting be held?

John Daiker said...

With the information I have so far, it will be on November 2nd.

The exact meeting place is still being discussed as far as I know.

Jackilope said...

Would love to go but cannot at this time. Would love to consider a road trip next year if things settle down some.

You are talkin' about NWC NCS, right? Or is there something else out there?