Friday, July 6, 2007

Cartoonist Conspiracy Reflection

It's been a busy couple weeks and unfortunately, contributions to this blog fell to a stand still. Sorry!

Here's my report for the Cartoonist Conspiracy gathering at Skellys June 28th. First off, it was a BLAST! Sarah Morean officiated, bringing friend Abby and some Panara goodies they had to eat in the alley. Jay Kirschenmann was the first to arrive -- with trustworthy pen and notebook of sketches that kept him busy while we were all a tad fashionably late. I, Jackie, brought one of my friends and houseguest -- Marilyn, who considered herself a non-cartoonist. She discovered otherwise in her participation! Later on in the evening, Tim Benson showed up for the festivities.

Our theme was Rabbits and Romance or Dating. It was a Jam comic, where there is a cover and then numbered pages. Someone is asked to design the cover. We were all assigned a page and drew the first panel, then passed the pages around until we all added a panel. It was a great experience -- as the whole comic organically came together with recurring themes. I laughed at loud at the outtakes page ... it was a great experience. (The walleye on the Skelly's menu, BTW, not too shabby. I'd order it again.) It did remind me of my old sketchbook parties and Wolves Den notebook and caffeine cartoons from college days.

We will get together for another one -- latter part of July. I'll mass e-mail the cartoonist crew with details and discussion as to the best day and time, etc.

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