Saturday, March 31, 2007

No Yolk! Cartoon Participation Requested!

Inspired by the Argus Leader asking for readers to submit pictures of their decorated eggs - right-click the picture and work your digital magic upon the incredible, non-edible egg. No mess, no vinegar smell .... no big amounts of egg salad to eat days after decorating! Best of all, no eggs were harmed in this production.

Submit your digital decoration back to

If you don't have digital imaging software, there is a freebie out there that runs on Mac and PC platforms called GIMP. There are also lots of tutorials on the site too. (It's safe, we have had it installed on a couple of our household computers for awhile now.)

I'll exhibit any eggs as they come in. I could even round up a prize to be presented at the Cartoon Exhibit at Dunn Bros. on May 5th at the reception for any egg that generates the most comments.

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