Sunday, March 25, 2007

Favorite Cartoonist Survey

Alright - here's a question to pose to cartoonists and visitors. Who is your favorite cartoonist? Why? What type of cartooning?


Anonymous said...

Charles Schulz. He's greatly missed.

Anonymous said...

Tom Ryan..""Tumbleweed"
Johnny Hart.."B.C."
Mell Lazarus.."Moma"

Simple style and great writing.

john_daiker said...

So many great ones to choose from...tough question!

'Peanuts' by Charles Schulz (of course).
'Calvin and Hobbes' by Bill Watterson.
'Bloom County' by Berkeley Breathed.

Most recently I've become enamored with;

'LIO' by Mark Tatulli - it's an excellently rendered strip.
'Frazz!' by Jef Mallett - reminiscent of Watterson...answers the question "what if Calvin grew up?".
'Judge Parker' by Harold LeDoux, Woody Wilson and Eduardo Barreto - this one surprised even me...I wasn't a fan until Eduardo started illustrating. I've followed his comics work for years, it's good to get a daily dose of his linework!

Jackilope said...

Boy, you've mentioned some of my favorites. LOVED Calvin and Hobbes. Loved the snowman series in that ...

Loved Bloom County -- the classic days.

LIO, also awesome.

I really do enjoy Lynn Johnston's cartooning style also.

I'll have to check out Judge Parker. Every so often a strip pops up in commentary in the Comics Curmudgeon blog ... which is how I got hooked into the Mary Worth/Aldo storyline. Amazing at how a stalker looking like Capt. Kangaroo can spice things up.... ;-)

One I am really, really enjoying and most days I can read with my kids is "Pearls Before Swine" too. said...

Personally, retro and pulp art really strike a chord with me.
I love simplistic, less is more style of art.

Some recent finds of inspiration:

Heath McPherson -

Nathan Little -

Thats just a few.
GoonterCo said...
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Tim Benson said...

I grew up in Perry, Ia. reading 'Alley Oop' originally drawn by Snick Hamlin, who was a Perry resident. 'Peanuts' was also a big part of my childhood. As a political cartoonist, my favorite political cartoonists are Roy Peterson of the Vancouver B.C. Sun, former Dallas Times Herald cartoonist Bob Taylor, and former L.A. Times cartoonist Michael Ramirez.Some of the late, great cartoonists include Pogo's Walt Kelly, Li'l Abner's Al Capp, political cartoonists Hugh Haynie, L.D. Warren, and Jeff MacNelly.