Sunday, November 4, 2007

New Cartoonist in Town

Our own Cartoonist, Jay, writes the article.

Video link by Jay and Joel Brown located here.

Wonder if Chris would come to a Cartoonist Conspiracy Meeting if we hosted another one?


Jackilope said...

BTW, special Thanks to The Great Pumpkin and my Mom for the heads up on the article! We normally don't get the dead tree form of the Argus, once in awhile pick up the Sunday addition, so this was a treat.

Great Pumpkin, thanks for referring our link!!!

timbenson said...

I hope Chris Browne doesn't leave his syndicated gig to become the cartoonist for the Argus and the Journal. Jason said he would lose his job as the Argus and the Journal cartoonist if Mr. Browne wanted it.

Jackilope said...

I don't see Chris Browne as the editorial type. ;-) I don't think the Argus and the Journal could afford him!

Did you read the article? Is the new cartoon strip Browne called "Bunny Hill"? (Kinda clever pun of "Benny Hill", eh?)

John Daiker said...

Hey, this is great news!

Think a plate of cookies would be a good housewarming gift? I make a mean chocolate chipper.

Labelled 'from the Sioux Falls Area Cartoonists'?

timbenson said...

Maybe the Brownes would enjoy chocolate Brownies as a housewarming gift. I would like to invite the Brownes to a lutefisk and lefse dinner at the Nordic Hall this month to enjoy a meal served to true Vikings. If anyone else would enjoy partaking in eating lutefisk (it's consistency is similar to jello with fish bones) please let me know. Swedish meatballs are also provided if you're squeamish about eating cod fish cured in lye.

Jackilope said...

Tim and John,
Great ideas. I love the Brownes and Brownie idea! I also love the lutefisk idea in a quirky kind of way. I've always wanted to try it, but know I'd rather have the Swedish meatballs. I love home made lefse.

Looking onward and forward to cartoonist month (May) I'd love to host an outdoor or garage type deal. I envisioned this would be inspiration to get our garage finished off and having people autograph or cartoon our walls.